Desert Island Vegetables

Desert island vegetables, what’s yours? Here’s mine.

Debbie X

It’s early January here in Cumbria, and save for an awful lot of rain and strong winds recently, it’s still pretty mild out there. There’s still time to plant garlic, if you fancy giving it a shot, here’s the basic info. you’ll need.

1. Don’t use garlic bulbs from a supermarket, order some from your local nursery or by mail order.

2. Order your garlic to plant between September to March.

3. This post explains how to plant garlic in a pot. All you need, apart from a pot, is some good multi-purpose compost, a bit of fertiliser to mix in with the compost, and your garlic cloves.

4. Say you’ve a 12″ diameter pot, choose one with a good depth to it too, you can place 8-10 cloves in it, with as much space between them as possible.

5. So you’ve done that, and you haven’t planted the bulbs too close to the edge of the pot, right? That’s because they need to swell.

6. Water well, and keep the compost moist.

7. Place the pot somewhere where it will get the most sunlight.

8. Yes, an indoor sunny kitchen windowsill might work, but you’re more likely to produce leaves, which can be used to flavour your food, nonetheless.

9. Enjoy harvesting your garlic in late Summer, and meantime keep your pot weed free and watch out for garlic pests and diseases.