Welcome to Outerspace

Outerspace, established in Cumbria since 1993, are landscape gardeners in West Cumbria, also working on the fringes of the Western Lake District.  

If you’re considering hiring Outerspace for a project there’s a brief introduction below. If you would like to speak personally to Michael Davies, his mobile telephone number is 0791-777-4775. The landline is 016973-21753

"Welcome to Outerspace. White Foxglove. Cumbria."
Digitalis purpurea ‘Dalmatian Créme’
Image: Debbie Taylor

Michael Davies works with a small experienced team – a gardener and garden designer, a tree surgeon, a small plant machinery driver … as and when needed. Almost all of the work which Outerspace carries out is in West Cumbria and on the fringes of the Western Lake District. For example, in Borrowdale, Braithwaite, Cockermouth, Papcastle and surrounding villages, Keswick and Lorton. Outerspace can offer the following services, and work on small and large projects all year-round.

Consultancy . Garden Design . Landscaping . Garden Maintenance.

Michael thinks of his work as both practical and creative problem solving. Typically his work over many years has included:

Garden restoration. Dry Stone Walling. Hand-drawn original plans. Hedging and Fencing. Orchards. Pathways. Paving. Planting. Ponds. Pruning. Stone walling. Tree Surgery. Turfing. Water features. Wildflower meadows and verges. Wildlife ponds and Woodland restoration.

The team are conscientious and encourage sustainable practices: The use of natural and ethically-sourced materials. Sourcing materials locally and so supporting other local businesses. Discouraging the use of peat in garden composts. Composting all green waste and/or recycling green and other waste responsibly.